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What's new at Earthly Kisses Bath & Body

I'd like to first thank you all for your patience during these trying times. I know I am not alone in feeling the brunt of last couple of years. Before I go into what is new, I'd like to extend my condolences and prayers out to all that has experienced loss over the last couple of years. Loss of love ones, loss of employment or income, loss of of homes, or a loss of joy.

If we don't take anything else away from the events over the last couple of years, know this, YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. I have full confidence that you will persevere past the challenges that you all face in your individual lives. We are still here because there is still work for us to do on this earth. I pray that you will be directed to what that is for your life and for the betterment of the lives of those around you.

As I strive to continue to make Earthly Kisses Bath & Body a brand that you know and trust, here is what is coming to

  1. I am now accepting wholesale orders. If you are interesting in becoming a vendor of you are welcome to apply for a vendor's account.

  2. After repeated requests, I will now offer hair care products. I have been using my own hair care creations over the last 10 years. So am confident that you will love these products as much as my hair does. (Side note: I have been diagnosed with alopecia after severe hair loss. I am happy to say that with much trail an error, things are reversing and my hair is longer than it ever has been my entire life.) All hair types are not created equal, so I welcome any feedback on the types of products you would like to see for your specific hair care needs. I am not claiming that my products will cure or heal any scalp issues. However, I will share with you what has been working for me.

  3. For men, be on the look out for beard oil. Facial hair care is just as important as the hair on our heads. However, not all oils are meant to be used on your face. These beard oils will not only be nourishing to you facial hair, but will be formulated so that they do not contribute to additional acne or other break outs created from oils that does not work well with facial skin.

  4. There will be some slight changes to the formulation of the body butters. This is mostly so that the body butters maintain it's richness and fluffiness as it is shipped. As we all know, we have been experiencing warmer than normal temperatures. While I cannot guarantee that you will receive the product in the same manner that it was created due to these high temperatures, it is my job to try. You will also notice some changes within the packaging as I will include cold packs within any shipment containing body butters. Lastly, orders with body butters will only be shipped Monday or Tuesday. This my last ditch effort to do what I can to ensure your product is not sitting in a hot warehouse for days waiting to be shipped the next business day.

  5. Lastly, you can now sign up for an member profile. Currently with this profile, you can sign in to view your account information securely, as well as have a history of your orders placed. This will not track any past orders, but moving forward your order history can now be seen when you sign in, if you set up an account. This will lead the way towards the creation of an Earthly Kisses community, where we can come together to share skin care tips and anything else we would like to discuss. I will update you when the Earthly Kisses community is ready.

Again and as always, I thank you all for continued support of Earthy Kisses Bath & Body. May the Lord Bless and Keep each and every one of you.

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